About Budget Food Recipe generator

About Budget Food Recipe generator

I have created a budget food recipe generator using ChatGPT. You may ask why?, because technology is advancing and it’s time to embrace the new world. The budget food recipe generator has access and knowledge to more recipes than you could collect in cookbooks. In fact it can generate more recipes than you can find in an entire library.

How Do You Get Access To The Budget Food Recipe Generator

At the time of writing you have to have a ChatGPT account and a paid subscription which costs around $20 a month to use the CDI Recipe generator. Before you go to the paid subscription model you have to create an account, the easiest way is to use your Google profile. Creating a profile is a simple and painless process you can do here.

Why Use The CDI Recipe Creator

Why use the CDI recipe generator? because I have trained it specifically to make use of budget ingredients. Yes you could use your own GPT model or the standard current version of Chat GPT and it will be able to create a recipe. However, it will not be specific in what recipe it creates.

I have added parameters to the CDI model to include basic store cupboard staples and what to do with any leftovers. The recipe creator will assume that you have a common set of ingredients in your home to be able to use to create the recipe it has generated. If you do not have any of the ingredients on the below list please do tell the CDI recipe creator that you DO NOT have it so it can create a recipe without that ingredient.

You will never need a recipe book again, you can create a recipe specify your dietary needs, and the type of cuisine you prefer. It can also recommend what types of drinks to serve with a particular cuisine and even create a timeline of preparation for dinner parties. Yes this may be the start of the end of the cookbooks.

Image Created by CDI Recipe Generator (ChatGPT)

How Does The CDI Budget Food Recipe Generator Work

It is quite simple once you have signed up to Chat GPT (Note: the subscription goes to Chat GPT, I do not gain any financial gain from the subscription). You simply put in a list of ingredients you have and it will assume you have the store cupboard essentials and it will create a recipe for you.

At first it will give you a summary of the recipe (not always) but if you need to then you can ask for a step by step explanation.

What can you make from just eggs and tune? here is a suggestion from CDI recipe creator.

CDI Recipe Creator Suggestion with Tuna & Eggs

The CDI Recipe Generator Explanation On How To Get The Best Results

  1. Provide Detailed Ingredients: Start by listing the specific ingredients you have at hand. The more detailed your list, the better I can tailor the recipe to what’s available to you. Include both your ‘Fridge Essentials’ and any additional items. (If different from the below lists)
  2. Specify Your Preferred Cuisine: Let me know if you have a preference for a particular type of cuisine, such as Italian, Mexican, Asian, etc. This helps in creating a recipe that matches your culinary taste.
  3. Mention Dietary Requirements: Clearly state any dietary needs or restrictions. Whether you’re following a vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, carnivore diet, or have allergies (like gluten or nuts), this information is crucial for safe and appropriate recipe suggestions.
  4. Indicate Your Cooking Skill Level: If you’re a beginner, or if time and equipment are limited, let me know. I can suggest simpler, quicker recipes or those that require minimal equipment.
  5. Ask for Leftover Ideas: If you want to know how to repurpose leftovers, just ask. I can provide creative ways to use leftovers, reducing waste and saving money.
  6. Request Specific Types of Dishes: Whether you’re looking for a main course, side dish, dessert, or snack, specifying the type of dish you’re interested in can help in generating more relevant recipes.
  7. Inquire About Cooking Tips: If you need guidance on cooking techniques, ingredient substitutes, or any other culinary advice, feel free to ask. I’m here to help with more than just recipes.
  8. Be Open to Suggestions: Sometimes the best recipes come from unexpected combinations. Being open to trying new ideas can lead to delicious discoveries.

By following these tips, users can effectively utilise the CDI Recipe Generator to create personalised, delicious, and practical meal solutions based on their specific needs and preferences. (Written by ChatGPT CDI Recipe Generator)

Store Cupboard Essentials

  • Dry Pasta and Rice: Staple carbohydrates that can be the base of many meals.
  • Canned Goods: Such as tomatoes, beans, and lentils, which are great for quick meals.
  • Cooking Oils: Olive oil and vegetable oil are versatile for cooking and dressings.
  • Flour and Baking Supplies: For baking and as a thickener in sauces.
  • Herbs and Spices: Such as salt, pepper, mixed herbs, paprika, and curry powder.
  • Stock Cubes or Powder: Chicken, vegetable, or beef for flavouring dishes.
  • Sugar: Both white and brown, for sweetening dishes and baking.
  • Vinegars: Like balsamic and white vinegar, useful for dressings and cooking.
  • Tea and Coffee: Essential for most UK households.
  • Long-Life Milk or Plant-Based Alternatives: Useful for tea, coffee, and cooking.
  • Bread or Crackers: For quick meals and snacks.
  • Cereals and Oats: For breakfasts and baking.
  • Dried or Canned Fish: Such as tuna or anchovies, for quick protein.
  • Nuts and Seeds: For snacking or adding to dishes for extra nutrition.
  • Potatoes and Onions: These can be stored for a long time and are used in many recipes.
Fridge Freezer Essentials (Image by ChatGPT)

Fridge Essentials

  1. Dairy Products: Milk, cheese, butter, yogurt.
  2. Fresh Vegetables: Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots.
  3. Fresh Fruits: Apples, oranges, berries.
  4. Eggs: For baking, breakfasts, and as a protein source.
  5. Condiments: Mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressings.
  6. Deli Meats: Ham, turkey, chicken slices.
  7. Cooked Leftovers: From previous meals.
  8. Fresh Herbs: Parsley, cilantro, dill.
  9. Beverages: Juices, water, soft drinks.
  10. Pickles and Olives: For snacks and to add to dishes.

Freezer essentials

  • Frozen Vegetables: Such as peas, green beans, mixed vegetables, and spinach. They’re great for adding to meals for extra nutrition.
  • Frozen Fruit: Like berries, mango chunks, and banana slices for smoothies or desserts.
  • Bread Products: Bread, rolls, and wraps freeze well and can be defrosted as needed.
  • Meat and Fish: Chicken breasts, mince, fish fillets, and sausages can be stored for longer periods.
  • Ready Meals: For those times when cooking from scratch isn’t feasible.
  • Frozen Pizza: A convenient option for a quick meal.
  • Pastry: Both puff and shortcrust pastry are useful for a range of dishes.
  • Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts: For a sweet treat.

Disclaimer, Chat GPT results are created from the OpenAI platform, it is know to make mistake and also provide false/inaccurate information. If you ask for a calorie count for any recipe be advised it is only an estimate. For more accurate calorie counts, you would need to weigh your ingredients and calculate based on the specific products you use.


I am trying to improve this GPT model so if you have any suggestions for improvements please let me know in the comments. Also let me know if it is good bad or indifferent or you just prefer your cookbooks.