Cheap Chicken Recipes

Easy Butter Chicken Biryani With Prawns

Another night exploring what the supermarket has to offer and something a little different to eat. Well inspiration was missing a little and could I be bothered to cook. Sometimes cooking for one is an effort and you just fancy a quick ready meal. Stop right there, I can not remember the last time I … Read more

Cheap SPanish Chicken Thigh RECIPE

Cheap Slow Paprika Chicken Thighs Pepper Potatoes A simple delicious Spanish style chicken thigh recipe costing only pennies per person to produce. Easy to prepare ideally in a flat casserole dish to help crisp up the chicken thigh skin towards the end of the cooking time. This was created on a lazy Saturday afternoon not … Read more

how to cook Quesadilla

Chicken Cheese Pasta Quesadilla

Chicken Cheese Pasta Quesadilla I know what your thinking that the Chicken Cheese Pasta Quesadilla doesn’t sound very Mexican. Well the Mexican flavours are there but its the pasta the sticks out. Having three children you have to adapt recipes and you do especially if you want cheap dinner ideas.  This Quesadilla was made virtually from leftovers, … Read more

Sweet Potato and Aubergine Curry (with Chicken)

Sweet Potato and Aubergine curry, not your usual staple curry ingredients and to be honest I was a little apprehensive on the outcome. However, it was simple and fuss free to make and very tasty. Using the korma spice paste keeps it mild but still a vibrant taste and more important the kids love this … Read more