Morrisons Argentinian Red Shrimp Recipe Review

Morrisons Argentinian Red Shrimp Recipe Review

I bought the Argentinian red shrimp on the offer of buy 3 for £10. I also got the squid tentacles and the white shell clams which are good to. I was going to take some out of the packet and let them defrost. However, looking in the pack there was 8 juicy Argentinian red shrimp in there.

I though sod it I am going to defrost them all and treat myself tonight. Sometimes I have cooked prawns/shrimp with the shell on and they have been so difficult to get the meat out. The worst, toughest shells to get off were langoustines from another supermarket. It wasn’t worth the effort and I will never buy them again, or I need to try a different cooking method.

orisons Argentinian red shrimp with parmesan and black truffle oil polenta

Argentinian Red Shrimp Shells

Yes they come with their shells on so I was a little worried about how hard it was going to be getting at the meat. Once they had defrosted I took a look at the shrimp and noticed that they had already deveined perfectly. That also meant that the back of the shell had already been slashed, things were looking promising.

Red Shrimp Recipe With Polenta

Well, hardly a recipe as the prawns were cooked in, garlic, chilli, coriander and parsley in a large wok. What I did first was to gently heat the oil and butter and then added the garlic and chilli in there. Put to one side so that the oil and butter infusion the flavour from the garlic and chilli

The final cook was on a medium heat occasionally turning the shrimp to ensure they were fully cooked. When cooking the shrimp defrosted they only take around 8 minutes max

orisons Argentinian red shrimp shell on

Polenta With Parmesan and Truffle Oil

If you are watch the calories then this isn’t a recipe for you at all. The polenta is first cooked in chicken stock until the grain is nearly fully cooked. At this point I begin to add lots of butter and grated Parmesan cheese, lots of it. No they are no measurements really, I just keep adding until it tastes good and the polenta is fully cooked.

I only add the black truffle oil at the very end, also only a few drops at a time because it is very powerful in flavour. Place polenta on plate and then place the shrimp around and pour on the cooking oil/butter with all that garlic and chilli. Dress with some fresh chopped parsley and coriander, and a little squeeze of lemon juice.

How Did The Shrimp Eat With the Shell On

Actually I was very surprised, the shrimp shell simply just peeled off without any real effort. Yes of course it was messy and sticky fingers but that just added to the pleasure of eating them. My only regret was that I didn’t pick up 3 packs of these, I will be returning to Morrisons to stock up my freezer , definitely easy peel shrimp.