Trying Out The Best Morphy Richards Soup Cookers

Trying Out The Best Morphy Richards Soup Cookers

Every culture has their own variation of soup and all of them has one thing in common; they are usually in liquid form. Their liquidity varies, as it ranges from pure liquid to semi liquid. Some are clear others are thick and full of many condiments. In some cultures, they go alone as appetizers. In some other cultures, they go simultaneously with other dishes. They are usually nutritious; prepared often with ingredients that are full of minerals and vitamins – they sure can revive any appetite. They make you long for the main dish or make you consume plentifully whatever is meant to go with them.

Soup, one of the great cheap winter meals. There are so many different soups out there, as can be seen here, soup, and you will hardly find anyone who does not like any. Yes, you may not like all there are; but there are many you won’t mind adding to your next meal. Despite the love for soups, a lot of people do not eat them as much as they would love to. 

Often, preparing them is the challenge. For health reasons, a lot of people do not go for canned options as they would rather have home prepared alternatives. The perceived chore in making these actually denies many people of having them as often as they would desire.

Cooking Made Easy

Soup makers were invented to help us make our homemade options with ease. Morphy Richards blazed the trail in building soup makers; it also boasts of a wide variety.  The brand has made it possible for a lot of people to have taken up the challenge to prepare theirs themselves. With a soup maker, you are not tied down. You could be up and doing with other things while your soup maker does the cooking for you. Secondly, because one of the reasons a lot of people are attracted to soups have to do with warmth, soup makers become very helpful in this regard. They help you keep the warmth of your pudding till you are ready for it.

So, here you are, having thrown into your soup maker the ingredients for your cooking, you go about other responsibilities with no fear that it will get burnt if you happen to forget it. Actually, you forget it, but your soup maker does its work of switching off when it’s ready. It even goes further to keep it warm for you until you are ready. Is that not beautiful? More still, they are easy to keep clean; with a good rinse, you are ready for your next soup!

Designed To Meet Your Needs

Some of these gadgets are dedicated to just making soups while others appear more like blenders with an added cooking role. You are likely to spend more on the later. The former, which are less expensive, make chunky or smooth soup. They can even sauté. Between their minimum and maximum quantity marks is a small gap. They actually look like Thermos flasks or big kettles. 

Down their base is an element for heating that does the cooking. With a long blade at the lid that blends and blitzes, food is cooked to the texture you desire. Within twenty minutes, or thirty minutes maximum, they are done with your smooth or chunky alternatives.

The metal jugs of these gadgets make it impossible to see through while the cooking is going on. It must be stated too, that these can be used equally for cold functions such as making your shakes or cold smoothies.

Those that cost more come in bigger sizes and are more easily adaptable for different measures. Looking like your average blender, they perform like one; but with the added duties of cooking. In the nature of typical blenders, their jugs are transparent so you have the advantage of seeing everything as it cooks or blends. This advantage may be offset by their big sizes and bulkier frame; not to add that they also come more expensive compared to just blenders or soup makers.

Going with Morphy Richards

Some soup makers now are so advanced and high tech at the same time. Example is Morphy Richards’ brands which work by friction-heating. Without an element for heating, the blades generate heat by friction. The con is that it generates noise due its having to blend using high power; but it is remarkably very quick. These types, because of their high power, can be used for making different things apart from your smoothies. You can make stuff such as, ice cream, granola, nut butters and dips. Some other types can also take some frying – meat and vegetables – prior to actual cooking. Imagine the added flavor this brings! Different settings make it possible to choose how smooth or chunky you want your cooking to be.

Your options are limited if the provided area between your minimum quantity and maximum quantity is small; this could mean no big batches. Some of your blenders factor in cleaning convenience so they come with parts that make cleaning easy, like coatings that things do not stick to. Some others factor the space of your kitchen and come compact. The disadvantage with these is that they can’t cook much.

Would you go for a Morphy Richards – Total Control, Compact, Sauté and or any other brand? While the old models are still very much available online, new models with newly designed handles and lid are now available too.

If you carefully look through the different options offered by the brand, you are almost certain to find something that will fit your specific needs. Great soup recipes