The Sensational Sausage Sarnie

The Sensational Sausage Sarnie

It’s simply fair at its basic but somehow the simple sausage sarnie can be so comforting. The sausage is such a versatile ingredient that it can be used to elevate any dish. However today we are going to give the sausage bap a lift.

One of my favourite ways to lift this sarnie is simply to fry some onions with it. Nice caramelised onions for me simply placed on top of the sausages and maybe a spot of sauce to hold it all in place. What sauce I hear you say, well sometimes tomato sauce on the sausages, sometime brown and occasionally French mustard.

Sausages With Cold Relish

One of the reasons I like my sausage sarnie so much is I can stick them in the oven and carry on working while they cook. This one day I forgot to start frying off the onions and the sausages were ready what to do.

So it was a quick raid of the cupboards for a quick fix and I found the perfect thing to lift my sausage sarnie. It was my homemade Onion Walnut & dates Chutney. So a big dollop of that was spread on the base of my sarnie. Thats the reason for the sensation in the title as it was divine. Adding the chutney was perfect as it was a sauce at the same time.

onion chutney used on my sausage sarnie

Sausage Cob To The Next Level

So armed with the knowledge that the onion chutney made it taste great what next. Remember this is a quick fix for lunch as I spend most of the day in front of the laptop. Eureka in the supermarket I picked up a little piece of brie, reduced and cheap of course.

So the sausage in the oven back to the laptop whilst it cooks. After around 10 to 12 minutes back into the kitchen and place the slice brie on top of the sausages. The next stage is to cut my bread homemade of course, grab a plate spread out the chutney. All this whilst the kettle is boiling, make the coffee. Now at this point the brie has just started melting over the sausages. Bang the sausage and brie in the bun, squeeze and slice and the sausage sarnie is done.

What Sausage Make The Perfect Sausage Sarnie

Well it all depends on your personal preference really, at the moment I am into the chipolata sasauages. The reason being is they are quite thin and cook quickly perfect for busy working people. I not into the Cumberland sausage as its a little to over spiced for me.

Now pork and apple is another sausage recipe that I like. Once upon a time in my town of Chesterfield there was a butcher who made tomato sausages and it was the talk of the town. Sausages made from pork but flavoured with tomato, sadly I think they went out of business.

Types Of Sausage Meat

  • Pork
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Venison
  • Veal

Chesterfield And The Tomato Sausages

the shambles Chesterfield , the place where they sold sausage sarnies
The Shambles Chesterfield 1910. It hasn’t changed that much even today 2019. Yes we dress a little differently

After posting in a FB group of old Chesterfield pictures I know know, and remember the butcher. The butchers was Farrows and they manufactured sausages and many butchers sold them. From the FB group I had a staggering amount of moments and debates on the subject

Chesterfield is steeped in history and still is a lovely Market Town. In fact Chesterfield was founded between 70 – 100 AD thats is nearly from the beginning of time. It then received its Market Town charter way back in 1204.

Crooked spire Chesterfield
The Crooked Spire Chesterfield

I am amazed it has so much history and rich past. We are now well know for our famous crooked Spire (Church of Saint Mary and All Saints). It seems that we were a little famous for our Tomato sausages as well as they are not sold everywhere.

Regional Sausages & Sarnies

The humble sausage has been around for many a year and its difficult to say where it originated from. Some people think it’s the Chinese and other the Italians. All I know is that they taste good but as they are so diverse they come with regionality ingredients even in the UK.

  • English Sausages
    • Lincolnshire Sausage
    • Cumberland Sausage
    • Manchester Sausage
    • Yorkshire Sausage
    • Gloucester Sausage
    • Oxford Sausage
    • Newmarket Sausage
    • Marylebone Sausage
  • Welsh Sausages
    • Dragon Sausages
    • Glamorgan sausage
  • Scottish Sausages
    • Lorne Sausages
    • Haggis Sausages
    • Stornoway Black Pudding

I am sure there many more local village variations on the humble sausages that are only know to them. However the business is now worth a fortune.

continental sausages

The Sausage Fortune

The industry is worth well over £600 million pounds a year and the supermarkets are cashing in on this. They do a range of different flavoured sausages to tempt our taste buds on a regular basis.

The variation of actual meat in the sausages is staggering indeed. The well know high volume best seller xxx has 42% actual meat in them. You would expect that they would be a little cheaper. Oh no they are expensive even Sainsbury’s basic cheap sausage have more meat than this

Personally I prefer 90% + of meat in my sausages and none of that rusk and other ergghh stuff please. However I understand that some people may prefer less meat content and that’s fine. Just don’t ever offer me any of it. Oh and other sore topic and don’t get me started on it. Vegetarian sausages, yes sausages refers to the shop and stuffing but if your vegetarian why call it a sausage and reusable it to meat. Why do all you products pretend to look and taste like meat products. Just call it a vegetarian roll Not a sausage. Rant over.

Sausage Sarnie For The Freezer

Well its not exactly a sarnie in the freezer no, however when I pick pop a pack of reduced sausages thats were they go. I always take them out of the packet and portion them up before freezing them. If they are the thin chipolata sausages I do 4 per portion. If they are the thicker regular size sausages I portion up 3 for my sausages sarnie.

In the freezer at the moment I have around 16 chipolata sausages portioned pop. I also have 12 chorizo flavoured sausages in there as well. They are all lucky finds that have been reduced. It’s my cheap dinner idea ethos, they will always be eaten.

hanging salami

Continental Sausages

Now mentioning chorizo flavoured sausages it has reminded me of the whole world of other flavours. You must always have a chorizo in the fridge and add to any dish to add depth of flavour. Chorizo is a Spanish sausage flavour boost stand by. I even throw chorizo into some of my mussel dishes to add flavour. The chorizo will last months in the fridge is stored correctly. It will never go to waste so get one and try it today.

Another great underrated sausage from France is Saucisson. Of course I discovered this one day when it was in my favourite place. Yes on the reduction shelf, usually it sells for around £3.00 and it was down to £1.50 so worth a try. This Saucisson had Roquefort cheese in it as well. It was absolutely full of flavour and so tasty, again I added it to stews soups and even have it by itself with cheese. I am nearly out of it so I need to find a reduced one or I will be forced to pay full price.

Sausages of The World

Now virtually every country will have their very own versions of the sausage sarnie it has too. Most countries have at least on version of sausage they produce. Therefore it’s only common sense that they are going to put it between some kind of bread and create their own sarnie. It has to happen, the law.

sliced salami

Probably one of the largest collection of sausages in the world is Germany, they have a staggering 40 different variations of sausages. Starting with Ahle Wurst all the way up to Zungenwurst. Zungenwurst is a cross between our back pudding and the Scottish haggis. It has the pigs blood in there along with oatmeal and then tongue. Its also often referred to as blog tongue.

Sausage Sarnie Ideas

To be continued, what do you like

A great sauce for your sausage sarnie is my redcurrant sauce

4 meals for under £1.70

More Sausage Ideas

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