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Occasionally we come across products that we just love. A product that enhances your dining experience with either flavour or convince, also products that align with your dietary choices. So this page is dedicated to those ingredients usually from startups and entrepreneurs rather than the big brands.

Smoke and Flame

Full disclosure, I was gifted the products because I gave some technical SEO advice. I was not given them with an expectation of a review or mention. However, what I have tasted so far the products are very good.

A small start up spice blend business run by Kieran & Charlotte (husband & Wife). Find their products at Smoke and Flame.

I have tried 3 of the. different spice blends and if you like a little tingle on the tongue the Indonesian Pig Roast is packed full of flavour but it also brings earthy notes to the taste buds.

Hunter & Gather

Discovered this by a chance comment on LinkedIn. It was about how they managed to get stocked in Tescos. Yes you can buy it in your locals Tescos like I did.

What appealed to me first was the No seed oil mayonnaise. Then for me it got better because, it’s gluten free, (I am wheat sensitive) which makes it low carb and no added sugar.

I have tried the Chipotle & Lime and I can say that the burst of smokiness (in a good way) in the mouth from the Chipotle is like a heady perfume. The mouth feel, creaminess and then the texture of the real ingredients is unreal.

You can buy it from their website here, Tescos or on Amazon.