Quick Cheap Dinner Ideas For Single People

Quick Cheap Dinner Ideas For Single People

Only because you live on your own there is no excuse for picking up ready meals and bunging therm in the oven or the microwave. It doesn’t have to take up lots of time for effort to make something tasty and nourishing. Tasty good food can be cooked in less time than you think, you just need some good standby recipes and techniques.

I have had a passion for food, eating and cooking all my life but I also get lazy and tired of cooking. Sometimes I am so tempted to pick up one of those ready meals, but I always put them back as they usually don’t taste that good. The other reason is all the additives in the pre prepared food.

Subscription Boxes For Singletons

An expensive option because you can certainly buy everything a lot cheaper yourself

Batch Cook Split Into Single Portions

I have a couple of recipes that I cook in larger quantities and then save them as single portions and put them in the freezer. Yes a little effort in the first instance but when you want something quick and tasty it is perfect. The advantages on making meals for one is that you know exactly what is in there, a great way to balance your diet. Of course a very easy one is good slow cook Bolognese sauce.

The only secret to my tasty Bolognese sauce is a long slow cooking time and at least half a glass of red wine. Ideally it needs to be cooked on one of your days off so you can give it the slow cooking. The initial cook does not take much effort or time, its just the slow simmering that helps impart the flavour though the sauce. The great thing about portioning into single servings is that when the kids comet to stop I just get enough out of the freezer. Dinner can be ready within less than 20 minutes served with linguine and shop bought garlic bread gif you need a filler.

Cook Now Freeze Serve Later Single Mens Portions

Another great recipe is my sweet potato and aubergine curry sauce which the kids love as well. The full recipe has chicken in the initial cooking but now I make it without the chicken. The reason being is that serve it with chicken fried rice which only takes around 10 minutes to cook with microwave rice. I pre cook the rice in the microwave as per instructions and allow to go cool, so yes you can fry microwave rice. The secret to the quick cook is a very hot pan and the chicken thing cut into small pieces.

It’s the same recipe as egg fried rice with microwave rice but I just flash fry the chicken first in a little oil and soya sauce. Then just add your rice and keep cooking, it tastes just like katsu curry sauce and rice.

The Principals Of Cooking For Single Servings

Cooking for one is a lot different than cooking for two or a family, supermarkets do not cater for singletons unless its a ready meal. You need to buy your ingredients wisely and plan a little so you can make a lot of dishes from what you have. If you do most off your shopping in the supermarket you will never find a single pork chop, its always at least 2 pork chops. (a good local butcher can help)

So ideally cook one and freeze the other, steak is probably the only meat that you can buy in single portions. Chicken of course the less you buy the more it cost per kilo, so buy large packs and freeze the rest in single portions

Cooking Equipment For Single Portions

Have the right size pots and pans all make a big difference when cooking for yourself. First of all portion control and a smaller pan will heat up quicker, thus your cooking quicker. Furthermore if you are frying something you are always tempted to cover the bottom of the pan in oil. Less oil and fats in cooking the healthier it will become.

I have a mini frying pan that just fits in one egg, or the perfect size for a potato rosti for one. I picked up my smaller pans over time and actually most of them from Aldi. The best bit is that they were reduced as well so even better.

Base Ingredients

Now you will want to have a fridge. freezer and store cupboard of basic ingredients the can be used on multiple dishes. These will probably differ from person to person because we all have different tastes after all. All I can do is give my basic food list for one and then you can adapt it to suit your own individual taste.

The base ingredients for making single serve portions don’t actually differ that much from cooking for a family, just a lot less shopping. Ideally foods that will keep for a long time such as tinned tomatoes, pasta, tinned tuna. In the freezer, peas, sweetcorn, chicken, frozen cooked meats and god quality burgers. Ideally a good stocked spice drawer and make sure they are supermarket own brands as they are so much cheaper.