Cheesy Chicken Pasta Quesadilla

Cheesy Chicken Pasta Quesadilla

Chicken Cheese Tortilla (Wrap)

A quick midday snack made from leftover chicken, cheese and sweetcorn

Fusilli Pasta

So yes its a very tradition Italian staple but if you have some as leftovers then it just makes plain sense to use it creatively. So I had some leftover in the fridge so the idea struck me, chop them up into little pieces about the same size as the chicken. The perfect solution towards Zero Food Waste. So not Mexican lets call it Multicultural Mexican Quesadilla.

chicken cheese pasta Quesadilla

The Chicken

To tie in with my meal planner I try to make dishes throughout the week with what meat I had as a Sunday roast. So it was leftover chicken and usually the kids only really eat the white meat on a Sunday roast. They just do not know hat they are missing from all that juicy chicken meat from the bone. So the chicken was stripped of all the tender juicy meat and placed into a bowl ready to make the Quesadilla later.

how to cook Quesadilla

The Mexican Part Of The Quesadilla

Now that was the kids sorted so I needed to make it a little more authentic for the two of us. The first port of call was the freezer and I had some previously cut up red peppers, perfect. Above my freezer is where I keep some of the vegetables in the house where its cold to preserve them. I grabbed an onion as well and off to the chopping board. So the pasta was leftover. The chicken was leftover and the pepper was leftover as well.

How To Cook A Quesadilla

Some people just cook their Quesadilla in a skillet on the hob. They can be arranged on a baking sheet and cooked in the oven. I prefer to use a combination of the two methods as it gives me greater control on how they turn out. The other reason is because I only have one frying pan big enough to take large tortilla. I obviously have to make two versions of my chicken cheese pasta Quesadilla. Yes those children who don’t like it to spicy. So using both methods of cooking quesadilla is a must to keep the cheese hot and melting.

What Do You Serve With Quesadilla

Well for us its quite simple. Without question there has to be pico de galo on the table, sharp citrus lime yum. We also usually serve with Quesadilla oven roasted Sweet Potatoes. The a simple salad of what ever we have in the salad draw at the time. This time I also served some barbecue beans made from supermarket home brand beans. I then added some sticky barbecue marinade to the beans before cooking them. The kids thought they were ace, even better than the ones from KFC.