The Best Cheap Pasta Making Machine

The Best Cheap Pasta Making Machine

Best Cheap Pasta Making Machine

Are all pasta making machines made equal? Does the Best Cheap Pasta Making Machine stand up to the most expensive pasta making machine. Do you really need to spend a fortune to get great pasta. After all great pasta comes from the eggs and the flour. Cheap Dinner Ideas here to make sure you spend your money wisely.

best cheap pasta making machine
Gr8 Home Tagliatelle Cutter Stainless Steel Machine


The Best Cheap Pasta Making Machine

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Even if you decided you wanted to get the top of the range pasta making machine what more would you get. There is a hand operated “Winware” pasta making machine that comes in at a whopping £750 plus delivery. Does it do anything different from the Gr8 Home Tagliatelle Cutter Stainless Steel Machine. No it does not, so can it be any better than the best cheap pasta making machine. They both make, Trenette and Fettuccine so I think not.

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Electric Pasta Making Machine

Now the next step up in pasta making machines is electric. You just put the pasta dough in between the rollers and out it comes. No cranking the handle here, smooth as silk. There is two options for this, a dedicated electric pasta making machine or an attachment that you put on your food mixer. I went for the later as I bought a Sainsburys food mixer and the pasta making Mac wine was only £12 as they discontinued the range. The only downside is that it only does the pasta sheets  and does not cut the sheets.  Thats the reason why I have a hand cranked pasta making machine in the cupboard on standby.

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So in our view there is no realistic reason why you should spend more money than needed to get a good past making machine. 

best cheap pasta making machine

If you want some inspiration of what to make with your pasta making machine try this butternut squash filled ravioli