Spiralizer The Ultimate Christmas Kitchen Gadget !

Spiralizer The Ultimate Christmas Kitchen Gadget !

Spiralizer The Ultimate Christmas Kitchen Gadget !

I have been looking to buy a spiralizer for some time now as I thought it would be a good idea to sneak all those shredded vegetables into pasta dishes and some other concoctions so the kids dont pull those nasty little faces when the realise that the stuff grown in the ground is going into their mouths. I have heard good and bad reviews as to there uses in the kitchen but I cook a lot so I am sure it wont end up in the back of the cupboard.  The choices are overwhelming, do you go for the handheld type like a corkscrew effect ? I thought not as it might take a little to much effort to make the perfect curly carrot string.

The full blown electric spiralizer version just drop the vegetables into the spiralizer and bam its done, well I think that’s the theory but they are not that cheap.

Healthy Veg

I was seduced by a demonstrator, yes I fell for the look how easy this is. Those glittering white sparkly teeth of Sharon’s (that’s what the badge said her name was)  a smile upon her heavily powdered face after she spiralized veg after veg.

We were driving home from Scotland and popped into the shopping village at Gretna Green and that’s where it happened.  I fell for the charms and the too good to miss deal in the Pro Cook shop there. It was the Pro Cook Spiralizer at £24.99 and I was happy with my purchase until the next day when I was at home.


I decided to have a look on Amazon as we do buy a few bargains on there and the price was the same as what I had paid. But then wait, underneath the Pro Cook spirlalizer was a non branded spiralizer nearly half the price. I was gutted that me, myself had fell for the deal with the sparkling lights. We live and learn. As I am now writing this article I have just checked Amazon again.  Its worse, the Pro Cook Spiralizer is now down in price to £19.99 including delivery  for Christmas, agghhh

If I had my time again I would probably go for the cheaper option at £12.49


Well what was it like ? Spiralized courgette with garlic butter fabaliciuos !



Will you be buying a loved on a spiralizer this Christmas ? the choices are endless look here for the latest deals at Amazon some other great kitchen gadget ideas

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