Mandolin Slicer PROFESSIONAL vs Budget

Mandolin Slicer PROFESSIONAL vs Budget

The first question, is a mandolin (Mandoline) slicer worth it? Yes I think a mandolin slicer is worth having in the kitchen. Thats my opinion because I use it on a regular basis but we will answer the question of what it can be used for and is it worth upgrading to a professional mandolin slicer.

Professional vs Budget Mandolin Slicer

This was a dilemma I had back in May 2023, my existing mandolin just wasn’t giving me the results I wanted. I pondered for weeks wondering if spending extra cash would. One option that kept tempting me back was the Benriner Japanese Handheld Mandolin Slicer and at £40 it does not come cheap. I did also look at the jumbo sized one, which is 164mm wide compared to the 95mm for the standard one, but I could not justify the £60 price tag. (I may later regret this)

Reading The Reviews (Amazon)

I lost count of the amount of reviews that I had read, but it was a lot and over a 3 week period before I committed. I tried to look at the ones that had very few or no 1 star reviews, after a short while I realised those products do not exist. Some people will always review products negatively, unfortunately I think there are people out there who moan just hoping to get a discount or get it for free.

So decided that I would ignore the top 10% of reviews and also the bottom 10%. When you Google mandolin slicer it gives you nearly 1.5 million results, so many different types and brands to choose from. I also researched outside of Amazon and looked at what professional chefs were using and eventually I decided on Benriner Japanese Handheld Mandolin Slicer.

Benriner Japanese Handheld Mandolin Slicer (verified purchase from Amazon)

The Reasons

  • Positive reviews
  • Compact & easy to store
  • Adjustable blade so you control the thickness of the vegetables
  • 3 additional blades
  • Ease of use
  • Used in professional kitchens

What Can You Use a Mandolin Slicer For

Coleslaw , Asian slaw or my kebab salad that I make at least every 7 to 10 days. Also great for slicing potatoes for my dauphinoise potatoes with milk and my boulangere potatoes.

Vegetables That Can Be Used On A Slicer

  1. Potatoes – for chips, gratins, or rosti.
  2. Cucumbers – for salads or pickling.
  3. Carrots – for salads, stir-fry dishes, or garnishing.
  4. Zucchini / Courgette – for salads, zucchini noodles, or gratins.
  5. Eggplants / Aubergine – for grilling, baking, or making eggplant parmesan.
  6. Beets – for salads, chips, or roasting.
  7. Sweet Potatoes – for chips, gratins, or roasting.
  8. Radishes – for salads or garnishing.
  9. Onions – for salads, sandwiches, or caramelizing.
  10. Cabbage – for coleslaw, salads, or fermenting into sauerkraut.
  11. Squash (like butternut or acorn) – for soups, roasting, or salads.
  12. Turnips – for salads, roasting, or pickling.
  13. Apples (not a vegetable, but commonly sliced on mandolins for various dishes) – for salads, baking, or snacking.
  14. Pears (also not a vegetable, but often used in the same way as apples) – for salads, baking, or snacking.
  15. Fennel – for salads, braising, or roasting.
  16. Daikon Radish – Often used in Asian cuisine for salads, pickles, or garnishes.
  17. Jicama – Adds a crunchy, sweet element to salads or slaws.
  18. Kohlrabi – Can be sliced for salads, slaws, or roasting.
  19. Celery Root (Celeriac) – For salads, roasting, or making vegetable chips.
  20. Jerusalem Artichokes (Sunchokes) – For salads, roasting, or frying.
  21. Parsnips – For roasting, chips, or adding to soups and stews.
  22. Green Papaya – Used in Southeast Asian salads like Thai green papaya salad.
  23. Green Tomatoes – For frying, baking, or adding to salads.
  24. Bell Peppers – For salads, stir-fries, or grilling.
  25. Summer Squash – Similar to zucchini, for salads, grilling, or baking.

Pro vs Budget Slicer

Budget Mandolin Slicer (Habitat Mandolin)

£12 from Sainsbury’s Mandolin slicer, had it around 5 years. I do like the safety guard that has metal spike in there and it holds any vegetables really well. Also like the storage box with the lid to store my sliced veggies

Fiddly To Clean

Downside is that it is not very sharp (it never was extremely sharp), it’s not adjustable so it only does one thickness. The grating attachments are also a little blunt.

Overall it does do the job if you are not using it on a regular basis so it is value for money.

Professional Mandolin Slicer

Benriner Japanese Handheld Mandolin Slicer. Just over £40 from Amazon, I do wish that I had got the jumbo model as I could have used more vegetables on there without the need to cut them down in size. It is very sharp so always use the plastic guard.

Easy To Clean

Adjustable blade so any thickness can be achieved, I also like the attachments to give different widths of the veg (carrots)

Down side is the guard is made from plastic so the spikes are not that sharp and the vegetables usually fall of at least a couple of times

Value for money? Definitely because the amount of times I use it. Never bought any slaws since I bought this because I can make my own in a matter of minutes

Is the Professional Mandolin Slicer Worth The Money

Yes the professional mandolin slicer is worth the money because I use it on a weekly basis, sometimes more. I do wish that I had waited a little longer and saved up for the jumbo version but hey ho I just cut the veg to size.

Pro Vs Budget Cutting Comparison

Slaw Ingredients

Slaw Ingredients test using Pro Mandolin Slicer
Slaw Ingredients test using Budget Mandolin Slicer

Although the two slaw ingredients look the same the worktop told a different story. When using the Pro slicer it cut all the ingredients cleanly and the worktop was relatively clean. Using the budget slicer the worktop was covered in bits of onion, cabbage and carrot because the blade was not sharp enough to cut cleanly. Also on the budget slicer when cutting the carrot there was a lot more juice on the cutting board.

Do come back as I will be posting photos on how the two mandolin slicers cut the vegetables

Courgette Slicing

Courgette slicing with Pro Mandolin Slicer
Courgette slicing with Budget Mandolin Slicer

With the Pro slicer I was able to easily cut 3 different widths of courgette, the thinest width is difficult to work with because it is so thin. The other two widths are perfect for creating courgette noodles. I only managed to get one of the two possible widths from the budget slicer. The smallest setting on the budget just destroyed the courgette. The large size was OK but if you look closely at the image it looks so much more jagged cut.

Verdict of the Mandolin Slicers

If you only use your mandolin slicer a couple of times a month I would recommend the Sainsbury’s mandolin slicer(Habitat). However, if you are making slaws on a regular basis, (once a week) then I recommend that you spend a little extra and get the Benriner Japanese Handheld Mandolin Slicer.

Are Mandolin slicers safe

Yes mandolin slicers are safe as long as you use the guard when cutting the vegetables. There is an open blade so care is always recommended when using the mandolin slicer

Can a mandolin slicer cut lemons

Yes a mandolin slicer can cut elm slices, however, from experience it extrudes to much juice so I personally find it easier with a knife

What is the best size for a mandolin slicer

I recommend that you get the widest mandolin slicer as you can afford. This is only if you intend to use it at least once a week. If you are planning to use it less frequently then get a standard size and save your money.