Kebab and Grilling equipment

Kebab and Grilling equipment

When creating a kebab it tastes so much better when the meat is exposed to high heat or an open flame. The open flame method does impart more flavour because of the Maillard reaction. Let’s take a look at some equipment that is perfect for making kebabs.


If you cook meals for one then this first product is for you. The Amusingtao Table Top Grill Charcoal Japanese Grill could be the perfect mini grill to cook your kebabs. It is small and the Grill Grate measure. (24 X 12.5 Cm)To put that into context the average sausage size is between 10 to 15cm. Everybody has mentioned how small it is but the measurements are clear next to the product. We recommended that you source small sized charcoal for this min Hibachi, some have commented because its so small it is difficult to light. You may need a process to light the charcoal first and then add it to the table top grill.

If you are looking for a similar style but larger this could be for you Japanese Konro BBQ Grill 310 x 230 x 210mm.

Kebab Skewers

When grilling your kebabs you need a good skewer to put the meat on. We have tried quite a few cheap flimsy kebab skewers, but now we have found a quality kebab skewer. We prefer the flat skewers compared to the round one because the meat turns when you turn the skewer. The round skewers the meat can slip during cooking so it becomes difficult to turn the food. From experience the wooden handles become scorched and burnt so make sure you get extra long skewers. If you are creating kofta type kebabs (minced meats) we recommended using extra wide skewers to shape the meat around. For regular kebabs we use these Kebab Turkish Adana Kebab BBQ Skewers. Strong and sturdy these are good and practical for everyday use. What do other people think. The majority of people comment on how sturdy they are and the quality of the product. The only negative comment was they rust to quickly, if you was and clean your skewers after each use then they should not rust at all.

Vertical Skewers

Vertical kebab skewers are great for making Al pastor or shawarma kebabs. We have tried a few over the years but decided that the flat bottom skewers seem a little unsteady. The problem is you need to put the flat skewer into a roasting tray or something else to catch the juice. When removing from the oven to baste the kebab there is always s feeling that it may topple over. Thats why we are testing this Stainless Steel Vertical Skewer because it has a large pan at the bottom welded to the changeable spikes. The spikes come in 8,10 and 12 inch and are interchangeable. Only time and testing will tell if the spike receptacle remains welded to the pan.


Meat Thermometer

If you are cooking large pieces of meat then you need a meat thermometer to ensure meat is fully cooked. We went for this DOQAUS Meat Thermometer, we like the backlight function (difficult to photograph) and that it turns itself off as soon as you close the probe. Its long length is good because you don’t really need to take your meat all the way out of the oven to test the temperature. It also has a reversible display so you can read it at any angle. You can change it to read temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. It has everything you need and under a tenner.

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The BBQ is one of the nest pieces of equipment for cooking your kebabs, its all about controlling your heat so you do not burn your food. There are so many BBQ’s to choose from and thats a whole new topic. Here is a list of BBQ reviews from some reputable publications


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