The Mossbrook Eckington

The Mossbrook Eckington

The Mossbrook Eckington

Well we are out again, actually it doesn’t happen that often when you have kids under the age of ten so when you go out you do hope and pray that when you do everything is good, So we had heard good things about The Mossbrook Eckington. We originally wanted to go to the Sitwell arms but as we were going with friends we decided that the Mossbrook it would be.

Customer Service

We arrived a little late (table booked at 6pm on a Friday) so we got there at 6 mins past Six. We could not see are friends so (they were late the last time) so we stood at the bar and thought that we would get a drink whilst we waited. Wait we did, not particularly busy but we waited and waited. No service then we had a text from our friends they were already sat at the table (the wifey of the friends is 8 months pregnant so I guess she needs to sit).

So we walked through to the restaurant side (they have bar meals  as well) we walked past the desk for reservations all they way down and found are friends. Chating away and then I tried to order a drink as we had already waited at the bar for nearly 10 mins to no avail. Looking around I did see 2 waitress’s  chatting , and after 5 mins of intense staring, coughing and whoopong eventually I caught their attention . Finally I was able to order a drink,   OK maybe we were there only for 18 mins without a drink but it wasn’t busy

The Website Fish & Chips

Mossbrook Eckington

10 mins later our drinks turned up,  we decided that we were not ready to order the food as we were chatting but when we were ready we had to flag down a waitress again to order the food. It seemed they were busy not doing much at all. So to order what  would we have, well none of us really fancied any of the starters to be honest so I suggested the sharing platter to start with between us all.

The mains, my wife went for the rump steak medium and the fat chips with a sauce, I went for the rump steak blue with the normal chips and with the sauteed prawns on the side.

Mossbrook eckington fish and chips
Fish and Chips

Our friends ordered, J had the fish and chips and his wife had chicken, pulled ham and leek pie. Sorted

The Mossbrook Eckington

So what actually came and how did it taste

The sharing platter consisted of

  1. tasting platter £11.95
  2. brie and onion marmalade brûlée, chicken in a paprika
  3. crumb, pork belly fritters, beer battered mushrooms, lamb
  4. meatballs and crusty bread with mango and pineapple salsa
  5. caramelised garlic and parsley mayonnaise

The chicken goujons were crispy but very dry  not good at all. Minced balls were tasty but a little on the dry side. The pork was OMG succulent delicious and moreish, then there was the brie and onion chutney and that was fantastic. Soft doughy bread was good, especially with the dips of pineapple and onion & garlic dip. The beer battered mushrooms were tasty as well so overall not a bad choice and quite a tasty platter. I didn’t take many photos as the lighting was very dark where we were and just cast horrible shadows making the food look worse.

Mossbrook Eckington Rump
The Rump Web Version

Main Course At The Mossbrook Eckington

Well disaster struck here, my steak came out and all was ok apart from the prawns looked a very sorry state and did not have much taste at all. The steak was cooked well (blue) it did contain a little fat but it was rump,after all. Poor  peas looked and tasted a little sad (probably reheated in the microwave)however the the onion rings were fantastic with proper crispy tasty batter surrounding them.

The Mossbrook Eckington Prawns and Steak
Rump Steak with Prawns & Crispy Onion rings

Then the other plate came with the steak, the WRONG steak it was a ribeye steak and as the waitress pointed out it was more expensive and they would not charge us any extra.  Well to start with it was overcooked there was no sauce which the wife had ordered. Normally we would have sent everything back but pregnant ladies need to eat and when they do they need it now. The only good thing about the plate of food was gourmet chips they were good,.J and his heavily pregnant wife got what they had ordered and commented that they enjoyed it. Nearly forgot as they did, we had to get up and ask for cutlery for our main courses

The Mossbrook Eckington Desserts

I opted for the cheese board with a nice glass of Rioja.  J and the wife had between them ultimate Chocolate Brownie tower £5.95.

Double brownie layered with caramel and cookie dough. Served with chocolate fudge sauce and vanilla ice cream and it did look rather nice.

The Cheese was presented nicely on a wooden board with celery sticks. Cheese was very good but the biscuits disappointing. I would have been nice to have apples or grapes on the plate. However the Rioja I will be ordering myself a case of that Marques De Riscal Vina Collada Rioja 2010 (6 X 75cl ) I am no wine buff but that was fruity crisp and no after taste of any tannin. So a case for xmas it will be, or even before that.

The Mossbrook Eckington

Will we be going again ? well we will not be in any hurry to return, the food was ok, the service was pretty poor. The tables were pretty cramped obviously aimed at getting as many people through the door as possible, a little disappointed really

The Mossbrook Eckington Update

We did visit again, it was near the bank holiday and a lot of the pubs were quiet busy.  We just wanted to relax as the good wifey had just spent 3 days roughing it at a guide camp.  She deserved something tasty and warming to eat. The Mossbrook do not do kiddies packs to keep them entertained and we know because we asked. !However  the waiter said give me 5 minutes and he came back with some old menus and some coloured pencils. The kids were sorted, excellent service above and beyond this time. The waiter was also great with the kids asking them lots of questions about what they liked to do at school, favorite food. When the food arrived it was absolutely great. No complaints at all. We will go back again when we have saved up a few pennies