Rick Stein Fish And Chips Padstow

Rick Stein Fish And Chips Padstow


Rick Stein Fish And Chips

This may not come under the strictest of terms for a cheap dinner idea as it was a little expensive but fish and chips is no longer cheap,espeically Rick’s Chips anywhere. Anyway we’re away in Cornwall in October / November and its no surprise to us that the weather is a little cold, wet, windy and dismall, after all it is the UK and even our summers are that way. So to break the day up and try the weather somewhere else along the coastline its off to Padstow and off course as a treat we tell the kids were having Rick Stein fish and chip.I know the kids(twins 3 eldest with us 7) haven’t got a clue who Rick Stein is. One of the kids kept shouting from the back ” Yeah Ricks chips” . The treat was of course for us grown up types having fish and chips at the seaside.


The fish and chip shop (10), the restaurant (10)(fish and chips) and the Stein Deli (12) are next to the Padstow Cookery School (11) and

9) and they are all located on Riverside at Padstow.Yes you have just walked into Stein world, no kidding his other shops and restaurants are in the town as well. I will let you tick off the rest of the numbers on the map that belong to Mr Stein

rick stein map of area

The queue for the restaurant was at least 20 deep but the queue for the takeaway was only a mere 6/7 deep. The fish and chips are made in the same fryer for both the takeaway and the restaurant so it gets a little bit hectic behind there. I have a secret, I know why the queue is so long for the restaurant side, seats! yes seats as there is no benches outside at all so the only place to sit is on the floor next to the harbour wall to sit and enjoy your fish and chips. At the end of this post I will share a secret location where you can find some benches that are usually always empty.


Hold tight and please sit down before fully examining the menu as it is expensive and a real treat which we would only perhaps in every one to two years. Ready ! go on take a look
Rick Steins Fish and Chips_TAKEAWAY_Menu


We went for the Cod and chips thrice,for the adults with 2 lots of mushy peas and a helping of the tartare sauce. The kids one portion of chips and a portion of cod bites (which come with chips) and a round of bread and butter. Yes a hefty price but was it worth it ? . Well the kids devoured theirs including the cod bites and that was the first time they had fish in batter (no fish fingers don’t really count). The adult portion comes in a little cardboard box as above with a slice of lemon and a sprig of parsley for the posh touch. The chips were just okey as some were a little hard and undercooked. The fish (Cod, I prefer the chunky meaty texture of cod) was absolutely gorgeous deep fried in beef fat and the home made tartare sauce was a delight which enhanced the flavour of the fish, oh nearly forgot and best you don’t forget, squeeze that lemon on the fish as that lifts the flavours and intensity of the fish. The mushy peas(added salt n vinegar) were pretty good as well and all in all everyone enjoyed the experience Worth the money ! well just about and the next time we

Rick Stein Secret Benches
Quiet benches to eat your fish and chips in peace

pass that way we will share a portion between us as there was plenty and we just happened to stuff it all in as it was delicious.

Oh the secret eating area, leave Rick Stein Fish And Chips shop walk straight ahead until you can walk no further then turn right and walk along past the bike hire place keep walking past the car park and you will come across 4 benches that are usually empty as no one goes that way, everyone else goes in the opposite direction to the town of Padstow,its less than 5 minutes walk and the fish and chips have been freshly cooked so its all still piping hot to eat.


Rick Stein Fish And Chips is now available in Falmouth and I am sure its as delicious as the one in Padstow.


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Rick Stein Fish And Chips, did you think it was worth the money