Bottle And Thyme Chesterfield Review

Bottle And Thyme Chesterfield Review

Bottle And Thyme Chesterfield Review

Bottle And Thyme Chesterfield I have visited Bottle And Thyme Chesterfield on numerous occasions. On a night out with friends, with the kids on a Saturday afternoon. My favourite at the moment is on a Sunday to sample the sharing platter. I cannot say enough good things about our experiences in the Bottle And Thyme. Oh and there is also live music if you like that gig.

The owners are always happy to listen to your comments and learn from them. I know, unusual people that genuinely  care about the customers and just don’t pay lip service. No wonder they were winners of the Best Customer service award and should be in line for another win in 2018.

Bottle And Thyme Chesterfield

Winners Of the Chesterfields Best Newcomers Awards in 2017 & The Best Customer Service Award. See what the Star has to say about these deserving winners.

Gavin Grainger, joint owner of Bottle & Thyme, said: “ We hope we’ve brought something different to Chesterfield’s nightlife. We want to appeal to to a range of ages with our cocktails and live music.”

Bottle And Thyme Cocktails

I must confess that when we visit we may partake in a few cocktails. Sometimes a couple just to sample the flavours and keep the mixologists familiar with the recipes. My personal downfall is the Expresso Martini, the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee is to die for. Then the addition of something a little alcoholic added to the mixture stimulates the nose some more. Between us all I think we have covered a large portion of the cocktail menu. Yes they have all been very good.

bottle and thyme expresso martini
Espresso Martini

The Sharing Sunday Tapas

Now this is great value for money, it comes with a couple of different cheese’s. Olives, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and some great freshly baked bread. Not just bread but artisan bread (as good as mine) and with a selection of charcuterie. It is all absolutely delicious and yes we usually have 2 with our good friends, Mr & Mrs W. One comes with a bottle of red and one with white.

Bottle And Thyme Chesterfield Review

Bottle and Thyme The Rest Of The Menu

I haven’t had the pleasure of the breakfast menu but it does look good. If the quality is the same in the morning as it is in the evenings then it will be a treat. We have been in for lunch a few times during the day with our 3 kids and even if they are busy they will squeeze the kids in somewhere. Even if a couple of them have to sit on the windowsill. The burgers, the only problem is they are to big. No seriously they are good. We haven’t experienced a bad meal in there so we will continue to keep going back.


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