A Look at Non-Alcoholic Whiskey

A Look at Non-Alcoholic Whiskey

Till date, many people are unaware that non-alcoholic whiskeys exist, and this is understandable. For the vast majority, spirits are known to be strong alcoholic drinks and nothing less. But it is true, non-alcoholic whiskeys or NAWs exist, and they are growing in popularity among people who want to reduce their consumption of booze or give it up completely.

Now, depending on how you like your whiskey, you might have mixed reactions about these variants when it comes to flavor and aroma. Granted, most NAWs out on the market taste nothing like whiskey or only have a few whiskey elements. However, NAWs from top brands offer an experience that’s very much close to the real thing, of course, excluding the negative effects of drinking alcohol. Click here to learn more about the side effects of alcohol. 

What are Non-Alcoholic Whiskeys?

Before we explain what NAWs are, let us briefly go over what whiskeys are. These are distilled spirits made from mashed and fermented grains, like corn, rye, malted barley, and wheat; they are then left to age in wooden barrels.

There are different types of whiskey, including bourbon, rye, Irish, and Scotch. Although now produced all over the world, it is believed that this drink originated in Scotland. With so many varieties in existence today, it is difficult to attribute just one taste to whiskeys. Like wine, each type tastes differently, depending on the types of ingredients used and the production process; even the barrels used for aging plays a part in its final taste.

But overall, most whiskeys have been found to taste woody, smoky, malty, grainy, or peaty with hints of caramel, chocolate, and/or vanilla. Some have a smooth, gentle feel when swallowed while others have a harsh burn. Seeing as there are many flavor profiles to this drink, one can begin to imagine how challenging it is replicating whiskey without its alcoholic properties.

Non-alcoholic whiskeys are distilled water-based beverages made to have aromatic and flavor intensities like alcoholic whiskeys. Visit https://honeoyefallsdistillery.com/best-non-alcoholic-whiskey/ to learn more. 

For a NAW to offer an experience similar to the real thing, it must have the following characteristics:

· Flavor: For most spirit enthusiasts, flavor is the most important characteristic, and it is divided into two; foretaste or first taste and aftertaste. Whiskeys generally have a different taste when they first go into your mouth and then a taste that lingers after they’ve been swallowed. A top-quality NAW should be able to replicate this effect.

·  Aroma: The aroma of any drink is usually the first thing that is noticed about them. From wines to whiskeys, aromas often influence a person’s decision when it comes to drinking. Whiskey has a wide range of aromas with the most popular one being oak and fruity.

· Mouthfeel: Only experts really notice the feel of these drinks in the mouth. Generally, alcoholic drinks give off a burning sensation and warmth in the mouth. Low-quality brand NAWs are unable to replicate this warmth and the general feel of whiskey in the mouth.

What’s the Point of Non-Alcoholic Whiskeys?

The reason behind the creation of these NA spirits is obvious. There are people who enjoy the social side of drinking and want a part of it but certainly not the side effects of booze. NAWs are targeted to these groups of people. A big part of NAWs being popular in recent years may be due to the explosion of wellness movements and the growing awareness of the health impacts of booze. With more and more people becoming aware of their health and cutting off lifestyles that are dangerous to it, it’s only natural that these groups of people turn to the better option.

Are there any Particular Health Benefits?

Yes! There are many health benefits that people can enjoy from decreasing or eliminating booze consumption. Here are a few of them:

Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

According to a recent survey, about half of the American population is more intentional about losing weight than ever before. It’s no news that regular booze consumption is a major contributing factor to excess weight gain in most people, with the average cocktail containing between 300 and 500 calories! 

But with non-alcoholic whiskeys or spirits, in general, one can enjoy night outs and weekends with friends and family without worrying about weight gain.

Healthy Mental State

After a long night of booze consumption, most people wake up the next morning feeling terrible. Movements are slow and there’s this fogginess that seems to linger a lot longer than people would like. 

But these aren’t the only mental health implications of excessive and continuous consumption of booze. Several studies have shown that excessive alcohol consumption contributes to several mental illnesses including dementia, memory loss, anxiety, and depression. 

Fortunately, thanks to NAWs, people can enjoy drinking without compromising their mental health. As a matter of fact, in a recent study by New Scientist, an 18 percent increase in concentration was observed in participants who quit drinking for 30 days. 

Improved Sleep

Almost everyone knows that alcohol makes it easy to fall asleep. But what most people don’t know is that it disrupts the circadian rhythm which is responsible for entering the restorative sleep phase. 

Some studies have shown that as little as two bottles of alcohol for men and one for women can decrease the quality of sleep by an astonishing 39.2 percent. But we all know that a good night’s sleep is necessary if we are to work at full capacity the next day. Therefore, NAWs or NA drinks, in general, are the healthier option. 

Final Thoughts

Although top NAWs brands are continuously improving their spirits to match the real thing, there’s only so much they can do without that alcoholic effect to tie the entire experience together. But with all the many benefits that come with abstaining from booze, many will agree that this is a nice compromise to make. 

But as we mentioned earlier, only experts and long- time whiskey consumers would be able to tell the difference as NAWs have gotten a lot better over the years in imitating the aroma, flavor, and mouth feel of whiskey.