Products That Contain wheat and alternatives

Products That Contain wheat and alternatives

After a recent food sensitivity test results I discovered that I am highly sensitive to wheat. After removing major sources of wheat from my diet I feel so much less bloated. Thinking back most of my life I have suffered with bloating for many years. The next shocking fact is how many products actually contain wheat, usually in the form of wheat flour.

So people with a similar sensitivity issues al have decided to build a list of products that contain wheat along with non wheat alternatives where possible.

Product Contains Wheat

Oxo Beef Stock Cube

Oxo Chicken Stock Cube

Oxo Lamb Stock Cube

Oxo Vegetable Stock Cube

Alternative Wheat Free 1

Kallo organic beef stock cube

Sainsbury’s Chicken Stock Cube

Knorr Lamb Stock Cube 3

Alternative Wheat Free 2

Knorr Zero Chicken Stock Cubes, 2

Ossa Lamb Bone Broth 4

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