Sainsbury’s Kansas Style Beef Ribs Recipe For One

Sainsbury’s Kansas Style Beef Ribs Recipe For One

If you are single it can be tough shopping for one, everything comes in big bags or for two people. But would you like to know how to a recipe for one using Sainsbury’s Kansas style beef ribs (serves 2).

I do like food and cooking but some days I want some nourishment with minimum effort. This is one of those recipes, minimum effect and maximum flavour. Of course there has to be 2 recipes to use up the other half of the meat. A great meal for one person.

Sainsbury’s Slow Cook Boneless Beef Ribs with BBQ Sauce

At £5.25 for 2 people is pretty good value, it works out at £10 per kilo which is good for beef. They keep in the fridge for 10 + plus which is great because you can always have them in for when you are feeling lazy. You can even freeze them but do ensure they are defrosted before cooking

How To Cook The Boneless Beef Ribs

Personally I prefer to cook them in the oven so it feels like you are cooking. Also you have more control in the oven, you can take them out and baste them. Check they are not going dry unlike cooking in a microwave.

Cooking instructions: Microwave

Microwave from chilled. If freezing at home defrost thoroughly before cooking. Before cooking: Pierce top of the pouch several times and place onto a microwaveable dish. Heat on full power for 3 1/2 mins 700W/ 3 mins 800W/ 2 1/2 mins 900W then remove from the microwave and shake gently then heat for a further 3 1/2 mins 700W/ 3 mins 800W/ 2 1/2 mins 900W Stand for 2 minutes before carefully removing product from the pouch During cooking: To heat the sauce pour the contents of the sachet into a microwaveable dish, cover with cling film and pierce. Heat on full power for 90 secs 700W/ 60 secs 800W and 900W. After cooking: Allow to stand for a minute before removing from the microwave. Carefully pour the sauce over the ribs to serve. Check food is piping hot. All cooking appliances vary. This is a guide only. Microwave from chilled 700W 8 1/2 minutes

Cooking instructions: Oven

Oven cook from chilled but can also be cooked in the microwave. If freezing at home defrost thoroughly before cooking. Before cooking: Preheat oven. Remove all packaging and set aside sachet of sauce for later use. Carefully cut open the pouch and transfer beef ribs to a flat baking tray and separate. Discard any juices. Place baking tray on middle shelf of oven and cook for 25 minutes. During cooking: Remove tray from oven and discard (Stop keep the juices in there and it will help cooking the second dish) any cooking juices. Pour contents of sachet over beef ribs. Return to oven and cook for further 5 minutes. After cooking: Remove from oven. Check food is piping hot. All cooking appliances vary. This is a guide only. Oven cook from chilled 200°C / Fan 180°C / Gas 6 30 mins (source)

How Did The Sainsbury’s Kansas Beef Ribs Taste

Actually they were great, minimum effort super tender and very tasty. You only need a fork to break the meat up because its so soft with that pre slow cook.

cheesy polenta and beef ribs

Beef Ribs Recipe For One

Super easy lazy recipe, simply place the Kansas beef ribs in the oven and let it do its work. About 15 minutes before the beef ribs are ready start cooking the polenta. I use the Sainsbury’s polenta which is pre cooked ground maize which cooks in around 5 minutes.

Cooking Polenta

To get flavour in there I cook it in chicken stock, use 100ml of stock to 25g of polenta.  Add the Polenta gradually to the boiling stock, stirring continuously with a wooden spoon or whisk. During cooking: Bring back to the boil and simmer for 1 minute for soft polenta. Cook for 3-5mins for a firmer texture.

At this point I add flavour, quite a few knobs of butter gives it a luxurious texture. Next about 20g-30g of grated parmesan cheese to the polenta, if it becomes to thick then add a little more stock (or butter). You want the texture to be smooth and runny so it oozes onto the plate. For the final seasoning add freshly ground pepper, add quite a bit but taste as you go. The combination of butter cheese and black pepper gives you an umami taste, sometimes I add a splash of truffle oil at the end.

So thats a fantastic tasting minimum effort plate of food. So place the polenta on the plate, use half the beef and dress with sliced spring onions and coriander

I cook the polenta in a mini saucepan for one

The Other Half Of The Beef Ribs

I will keep the other half of the beef ribs in the fridge for a couple of days. This I will simply reheat in a mini frying pan, shred the meat first then fry to create some crispy edges. Serve in tacos with guacamole and picked vegetables.

pictures coming soon once I have cooked it, here it is

kansas rib tacos