ham & roasted squash soup with fresh chilli

ham & roasted squash soup with fresh chilli

This recipe is a little different because I got this from someone who I follow on Twitter. She is always posting fab recipes and goes to great effort to include the method and costs involved. So I thought that would be perfect on Cheap Diner Ideas, recipes with costs.

Jess Rocks

Jess is from Wales and usually everyday I see her posting some great recipes on Twitter and thankful she has allowed me to share one (hopefully more)

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Tonight’s tea??: Ham & roasted butternut squash soup with fresh chilli, toasted squash & chilli seeds – croutons, Emmental cheese & a warm cheese crusty roll

Check out Jess’s new post where she shares her budget friendly 2 week grocery ingredient list.

Ingredients For Ham & Roasted Squash Soup

  • Ham (leftover)
  • Butternut squash (£1.61)
  • Ham stock (leftover)
  • 100g Emmental (£0.80)
  • 1/2 small loaf (40p) croutons
  • Onion, celery and carrot (£0.57)
  • 50ml cream (£0.20)
  • 100ml Olive oil (£0.70)
  • Herbs/Garlic (£0.00/£0.15)
  • Chilli (£0.10)
  • Total = £4.43
  • 6 portions (£0.74 p/p)
  • With a roll 40p per roll
  • £1.14 per portion

Butternut Squash

Peel and deseed the butternut squash, then set the seeds aside. Cut into chunks and place in a roasting tray and season well.

Then add 3 cloves of garlic and some thyme. Cover and roast for 30 mins on 160 (roast the seeds as well, instructions below)

The Vegetables

Chop the celery , carrot and the onion and put into a large pan with a little oil and seasoning.

Stirring occasionally,

Next add a little of the stock a slug at a time. Cook until the veg is soft and tender. Then add a little ham, depending on how much you have leftover

Roasted Squash Seeds and Chilli

Just lay them out on a tray with a little oil and 1/4 of a chilli with seeds. Season well and roast for 20 min.

roasting butternut squash seeds
Roasting butternut squash seeds with chilli

Making The Croutons

Slice the bread into small cubes, add any herbs you have, add a little oil, season and roast for 20 minutes. if you want to be indulgent you could cook them in the pan with butter

Croutons and Herbs
Roasted Croutons

Blending The Ingredients For The Soup

Take the butternut out of the oven and add to the veg along with the garlic squeezed from its casing. Next add the rest of the stock and get a hand blitzer to make nice and smooth. If it is to thick add water to loosen to your desired consistency, or add creme fresh if you wish. Make sure at this point you season to taste.

Cooking The Veg In Stock
Adding The Roasted Butternut Squash
Blending The Veg and Squash
Chopped Leftover Ham

The Finished Soup

Ham & roasted butternut squash soup with fresh chilli, toasted squash & chilli seeds – croutons, Emmental cheese & a warm cheese crusty roll. Dress with a splash of cream and some herbs. Then add diced ham, the roasted chilli seeds, chopped chilli and some shave & grated Emmental cheese.

The Finished Roast Butternut Squash With Fresh Chillies