cajun spiced cod pieces on a bed of rainbow chard

Blackened Cod Chunks

Looking for a new and exciting way to enjoy cod? Try this blackened cod recipe inspired by the bold flavors of Louisiana cuisine. With a spicy seasoning blend and crispy texture, this dish is sure to become a family favorite. Read on to learn more about the history of blackened fish and how to make … Read more

Cheap Chilli Con Carne

Warm up your kitchen with our homemade chilli con carne recipe! This dish, a delightful fusion of bold flavours and comforting warmth, is perfect for any meal. It’s not just about tantalizing your taste buds; it’s a journey through history and culture right on your plate. The Rich History of Chilli Con Carne: Although chilli … Read more

ham & roasted squash soup with fresh chilli

This recipe is a little different because I got this from someone who I follow on Twitter. She is always posting fab recipes and goes to great effort to include the method and costs involved. So I thought that would be perfect on Cheap Diner Ideas, recipes with costs. Jess Rocks Jess is from Wales … Read more

panzanella and sea bas

Panzanella (panmolle) With GRIDDLED SEA Bass

I have eaten Panzanella a few times but never used it to complement a whole dish. The sea bass was reduced in the supermarket and already having some oldish bread in the house I thought this would be perfect. I always have tomatoes on the side in the kitchen because they are great to add … Read more