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cajun spiced cod pieces on a bed of rainbow chard

Blackened Cod Chunks

Looking for a new and exciting way to enjoy cod? Try this blackened cod recipe inspired by the bold flavors of Louisiana cuisine. With a spicy seasoning blend and crispy texture, this dish is sure to become a family favorite. Read on to learn more about the history of blackened fish and how to make … Read more

SCANDINAVIAN inspired beetroot and potato salad

There is just something about the new season potato, once cooked it holds firm and has a creamy texture. The taste of the new potato on its own is just sublime and satisfying, but place it in a salad the possibilities are endless. I wanted something light and vibrant to eat, the sun was shining … Read more

image of shin of beef and kidney stew

Shin of Beef and Kidney RECIPE with Pickled onions

It is always nice to have a nice comforting dish that makes you want to curl up on the sofa and this shin off beef and kidney recipe does just that. It looks like food prices will going up so it’s important that we have bank of budget meals we can fall back on. Shin … Read more

Simple Spanish Beef Stew With Peppers in a cast iron pot

Simple Spanish Beef Stew With Peppers

Simple Spanish Beef Stew With Peppers This quick easy Simple Spanish Beef Stew With Peppers take little effort at all to prepare. However the taste is sublime with a rich deep red sauce. Perfect to serve with some crusty bread or potatoes to soak up the little bit of heaven on a plate. Being a freelancer … Read more

Cheap SPanish Chicken Thigh RECIPE

Cheap Slow Paprika Chicken Thighs Pepper Potatoes A simple delicious Spanish style chicken thigh recipe costing only pennies per person to produce. Easy to prepare ideally in a flat casserole dish to help crisp up the chicken thigh skin towards the end of the cooking time. This was created on a lazy Saturday afternoon not … Read more

my apple tart tatin

Apple Tarte Tatin Recipe

 Caramelised Apples For me one of the simplest apple recipes you can do. I particularity don’t measure the ingredients exact, just add sugar butter and a few other drops until it looks right. However I will provide measurements for those who aren’t as confident.  Its not that I am a super cook, its just that … Read more