Black Pudding And Guinness Bread

Black Pudding And Guinness Bread

Black Pudding And Guinness Bread

Yes it does sound a little unusual at first. But the deep bitterness of  taste of the black pudding firm to the tooth  with the contrasting soft supple bread dough is sublime. If you then add to it the yeasty Guinness with flavours of burnt of malted barley then you have a match maid in heaven. No Black Pudding And Guinness Bread is not for everyone, its a little like marmite.

The Inception of Black Pudding And Guinness Bread

I have  made black pudding bread for a long time, some times its crumbled black pudding or small chunks. It is great with simply butter spread upon it. Butter is now considered to be good for a balanced diet, I am sure the paid researchers will change it again soon, and then back again. I digress, imagine a grilled bacon sandwich with Black Pudding And Guinness Bread.

I was explaining the black pudding bread to a good friend and ex work colleague of mine, Geoff. He mentioned that he liked black pudding and that he liked the deep iron taste (its the blood content in the black pudding, the same as liver). He then happened to mention that his wife like the taste of Guinness. Geoff is an avid amateur cook and an excellent photographer.

the black pudding for the black pudding and Guinness bread

Let The Experiment Begin

So after the conversation the bizarre idea of Black Pudding And Guinness Bread came into my head. Would it work, why not, its just replacing the liquid (water) with Guinness. The first attempt was a little heavy and dense, try try try again, so I did. The end result was to die for, great on a sharing board with cheese, meats and chutneys, especially as it has such a contrasting flavour. Its as simple as using the same recipe for the basic artisan bread.

The Making Of The Bread Dough

One thing I have noticed making bread over the years is the measurement need to be pretty exact. Also its so much more forgiving if you add to much liquid in the first instance. You can always add a little more flour to the dough as you knead it to make it less sticky. If you don’t add enough liquid in the first instance not is difficult to incorporate more into the dough at a later stage.

Types Of Black Pudding

There are many types of black pudding and they are so diverse that you need to find one you like. The difference’s in black pudding is immense. They range from very herby to convert the non lakers to peppery and akin to the original. I do not like the herby ones that try to disguise the taste and appeal to the masses. My preference is  the black pudding with the big fat chucks of fat.

I know some of you are repelled at the very thought, but the little pure white cubes of fat are softer than butter. The taste notes with the fat compliments the rest of the ingredients. The ingredients of black pudding isn’t exactly important, its just the taste. Try it embrace it just give it a go, not on its own but with complimentary foods. I can eat black pudding by itself with a twist of sea salt.

The Guinness in The Black Pudding And Guinness Bread

I hope that Guinness needs no introduction, Its the black velvet drink from Dublin. I have been lucky enough to stand outside the gates of the Guinness factory and sampled a few pints of Guinness in the City of Dublin in my previous working life. So the Black Pudding And Guinness Bread for me was a marriage made in heaven. I hope you think the same.

Regionalism Of Black Pudding

There are a few places that black pudding are famous for, mostly within the United Kingdom. Bury black pudding is a speciality. Stornoway black pudding famous round the world. Lancashire the Black Country, and in the North West of England. Deep fried in batter, yes if you didn’t think it was healthy in the first instance it happens. In Scotland you can find black pudding dipped in batter and then deep fried, it is good in smaller quantities.

Black pudding is an essential in any proper full Scottish breakfast, always served warm and usually fried in fat from bacon or square sausage. White pudding, tattle scones are all classic Scottish breakfast ingredients.


Not regional as its only made in one place. one factory in Dublin. First started in the year 1759 it has more history than some countries. Best served chilled with good friends or used in making the Black Pudding And Guinness Bread. There is no imitations and it is exported all over the world.

Sourdough Bread

Probably sourdough bread is my favourite but I must confess I have never made any. It is probably because of the sourdough starter and being a little scared of it. However I have found a fantastic guide on Ink, Sugar & Spice. I just have to try this base sourdough recipe and give it a good go.

black pudding and Guinness bread

Black Pudding Bread

A twist on the classic bread dough
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Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine British


  • 500 g strong bread flour
  • 1 packet dried yeast
  • 1 g salt
  • 1 g sugar
  • 325 ml Guinness
  • 5 ml oil adjust to get the dough consistency
  • 20 g black pudding chopped


  • Weigh out the flour
    500 g strong bread flour
  • Add Packet of dried Yeast, salt and sugar to the flour
    1 packet dried yeast, 1 g salt, 1 g sugar
  • Add chopped black pudding and fold all dry ingredients together
    20 g black pudding
  • Then add your glug of oil and the Guinness and mix in bowl with a wooden spoon
    325 ml Guinness, 5 ml oil
  • keep mixing until all ingredients combined
  • Once the mixture is well mixed take out the wooden spoon and mix by hand still in the large mixing bowl
    Add more flour if required if the mixture is a little sticky, knead flour for 5 to 10 mins
  • leave in bowl and cover with clingfilm then place a tea towel over the top, let the mixture prove in a warm place
  • Remove from bowl onto flour dusted surface and knead again. Then cut and shape into desired outcome, Mini Loaves, Cobs and let them prove again for around 20 minutes
  • Cook in oven for 20 mins aprrox at 190 degrees (check by site and also tap the bottom of the bread to ensure it sounds done)
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