About Cheap Dinner Ideas

Hi, I am Karl and I started Cheap Dinner Ideas back in 2013 because of my passion of food and cooking. It started as a hobby documenting all my favourite recipes, somewhere I could reference my food tastes and preferences.

Time has moved on and the site has gone through lots of changes and so have I.

I know live alone and I have noticed that there are a lot more singletons than I thought. The other observation is a lot of people are not confident when cooking, they buy ready meals, takeaways or recipes boxes.

My mission is to create simple, quick easy to prepare economical recipes suitable as meals for one. I know people have busy lives and want food with flavour fast and something that doesn’t cost the earth.

Here to provide time saving hacks, use nutritious healthy food and get away from foods that contain preservatives.


I want to showcase recipes that are not complicated and without a long list of ingredients. Cooking should be a fun activity not a complicated mission. I will deliver the essence of a dish, they may not be to the original recipe but my mission is to get great tasting food onto the plate as quick as possible.

 Happy Forks calculates all nutritional information provided for your health and convenience.

There is an affiliate link below because when I had a food sensitivity test done it changed my life. I discovered I was wheat sensitive, so I removed it from my diet. I also removed a lot of other foods and eventually went low carb. In a period of 6 months I lost 14kilos (2 & half stone) and now I am maintaining my ideal weight.

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This site does occasionally receive commission for affiliate links

Disclaimer: Some of the images have been enhanced or created using AI (ChatGPT). I have also programmed a ChatGPT model as a recipe generator.