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Welcome to Cheap Dinner Ideas, where we’re dedicated to helping you create delicious, budget-friendly meals that don’t break the bank. Our recipe collections are designed to inspire and empower home cooks, regardless of experience level. To be able to make nutritious and satisfying meals for their families without spending a fortune.


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Everyone should have access to delicious food that doesn’t cost a fortune. Our mission at Cheap Dinner Ideas is to provide affordable, easy-to-prepare recipes packed with flavour and nutrition. Our carefully curated selection of recipes includes options for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free diets, and more, so there’s something for everyone.

Comfort Food

We all love a bit of comfort now and again. Something that gives you a little hug after and while you’re eating it. Discover some comfort food recipes.

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I was lucky my parents enjoyed eating out and usually about once a month they took me. Thats how I discovered my love of food and cooking. Find out more

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If you are cooking for one and always have leftover shop bought ingredients then follow the tags on the post as I always try to make them taste different so I can stick to my budget and not waste food

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Our Passion For Food

Budget Foods From Around The World

Most every country around the world have their peasant food and most of these we spend a fortune on as takeaways. However the staples of other countries are cheap. The Italians have their pasta and polenta, the Chinese have their rice dishes.

Chinese Food

China covers a vast region and each province has its own style of cooking. Some go from very hot too mild. A truly diverse area traditional Chinese Recipes.

Italian Food

Italian food changes throughout its regions, the recipes in the south are very different from the north. Local cooking is always shaped by the food that grows around you.

Scottish Food

Well know now for their love of fried foods but the people of Scotland needed to keep warm. However, they have some beautiful produce, salmon, Aberdeen Angus. Traditional Scottish Recipes.

Quick and Easy Find your new favourite weeknight dinner with our fast, easy, and budget-conscious recipe collection.

It’s time to transform your meal planning and save money with Cheap Dinner Ideas. Explore our collection of affordable, delicious recipes today and start enjoying tasty meals without breaking the bank!

Heathy Eating For The Over Fifties

Embarking on a new journey well into my 50s, I decided to take control of my wellness. Like many, I succumbed to mindless eating – whether for comfort, out of boredom, or simply due to habits built over time. But I realised that my body deserved more. It deserves care, it deserves nourishment, and, most importantly, it deserves a healthy relationship with the food it consumes. So, I’ve turned the tables to take on a path towards improved gut health, weight management, and overall well-being.

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